Boys in Military Schools

Many parents think that if they send their out-of-control son to a military school for troubled teens, the structure and discipline will "turn him around." However, thousands of parents have discovered that not all military schools are created equal. While some schools provide high quality training and instill drive and motivation, others use extreme disciplinary tactics that may go against what parents want for their children.

At some military schools, "discipline" begins in the form of a "training officer" yelling at each new "cadet." Then, each cadet begins an imitation of "basic training." Cadets often live in pared-down, uncomfortable dormitories. Teens do push-ups and harsh physical workouts and participate in long, arduous marches. According to the National Mental Health Association, "employing tactics of intimidation and humiliation is counterproductive for most youth." Moreover, in some military schools, the academic component is inferior in quality and effectiveness. At some schools, there are no actual teachers - students simply take online correspondence courses.

In some circumstances, military school may be the best option. Many top-notch military schools in the United States have long histories of educating young men for careers as officers in the Armed Forces. Many of their graduates receive appointments to the prestigious service academies - West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy, and others. These schools do not accept troubled teens and do not employ tactics of humiliation, physical coercion, and abuse.

If you are considering a boarding school placement for your son, you should do a careful investigation of the institution before you apply. Many times parents are desperate, or are acting under a time-limiting court order by a juvenile court system, and they send their child off without fully investigating and visiting the facility.

Therapeutic boarding schools have a better track record of helping troubled adolescent boys. They are expensive programs because they employ professional staffs of psychologists and therapists, as well as teachers with advanced degrees who work one-on-one with each boy. These schools are highly structured with set times for meals, study periods, classes, recreation, and sleep, but the discipline teaches healthy lessons about losing and gaining privileges rather than coercion. Many schools feature beautiful campuses and dormitories. Often a boy will begin to succeed academically for the first time as he learns to solve his emotional problems and set new positive goals for himself, such as attending college.

Fast Facts About Adolescents

In 2006, one-third of American adolescents aged 12 to 17 drank alcohol, one-fifth used an illicit drug, and one-sixth smoked cigarettes. Although the percentage of adolescents using alcohol and drugs declined between 2002 and 2006, the percentage of persons aged 12 to 17 receiving substance abuse treatment has remained relatively stable.


Stone Mountain School
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